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Other stinging, biting critters found in Texas



Portuguese man of war stinging jellyfish If stung, remove the tentacle immediately using sand, clothing, a towel or anything else available. As long as the tentacle is attached it will continue to sting. Soak the sting area with vinegar until pain is relieved or rub a paste of baking soda and water on the wounds. Seek medical attention, allergic symptoms can develop quickly. Even jellyfish washed ashore can be active for weeks and cause a serious sting.



Stings usually occur when the fish is handled. Symptoms include a throbbing or scalding pain lasting 30-60 minutes. The sting area swells and is easily infected. If stung, soak the sting area in hot water (not scalding) for 30 to 60 minutes. No other treatment has been shown to be effective.


Stingrays do not attack people. People are usually stung when they step on the stingray. If stung, wash the sting area with cold water. Soak the area in hot water to relieve the pain. Seek medical attention to reduce the risk of infection and to remove any pieces of the tail barbs, if present.




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