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Common Poisons

Poisons come in many shapes, sizes, forms and colors. A poison is a substance that can make you (or an animal) sick or or even cause death if you eat, breathe or touch it. There are many common household products and medicines that can be harmful if used the wrong way or if used in the wrong amounts.

Four forms of poison are:

  • Solids
  • Liquids
  • Sprays
  • Invisibles

Medicines: All drugs, whether they are prescription or over-the-counter, can be dangerous if used incorrectly therefore, medicine should be stored out of reach of children in locked cabinets and in tightly closed child resistant containers. Some dangerous medicines are Acetaminophen containing products (Tylenol), antibiotics, PoisonHelp 1-800-222-1222 antispetics (rubbing alcohol), antacids, aspirin-containing products, cough & cold medicines, ibuprofen-containing products (Advil), iron pills, laxatives, sleeping aids, street drugs, tranquilizers, psychotherapeutics (antidepressants), vitamins.

Household products: Cleaning, home maintenance, laundry, automobiles, and gardening products, as well as cosmetics, personal hygiene and art/hobby supplies can be extremely dangerous. Some dangerous household products that should be stored out of the reach of children or locked in a cabinet are:

Cleaning Products: air freshener, ammonia, bleach, carpet/floor cleaner, dishwashing soap, drain cleaners, fabric softener, furniture polish, glass/window cleaner, gun cleaner, jewelry cleaner, oven cleaner, rust remover, scouring powder, toilet bowl cleaner.

Personal Use Products: alcohol, bath oil, bubble bath, cigarettes/tobacco, cologne/perfume, diapering products, hair products, hand lotion, make-up, mace, mouthwash, nail products, shaving product.

Automotive Products: antifreeze, freon, gasoline, oil, windshield wash.

Home Maintenance and Gardening Products: bug killers, fertilizer, fuels, glue, kerosene, lighter fluids, paint/paint thinner, pool supplies, rat poison, turpentine, weed killer.




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